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Academy TV is your chance to learn from our Director, Kylie Carlson. The Academy is unique in the fact that we are the only training company producing free-to-air videos for aspiring and novice wedding professionals. It is a great way to get a sneak peek of the quality of education and training you will receive as a student of the Academy.

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The Academy Google Hangouts are a chance for our students to chat with a tutor live on air and give a great insight into what life is like as an Academy student. It is great publicity for our students and a chance to talk about what it is they are trying to achieve, their business, or their job in the events industry.

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The Business of Weddings Podcast show is available on iTunes and is hosted by several of the staff at the Academy. Each podcast brings you an up close and personal interview with a different expert within the wedding and event industry to help you learn from those already out there enjoying success.

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Become an Accredited Wedding Stylist in 12 Weeks

Do you LOVE spending hours pouring over the gorgeous details of wedding inspiration shoots and beautiful real weddings?
Are you possibly just a little bit Pinterest obsessed? Are your boards overflowing with your favourite wedding styles, themes, colours and decor ideas?
Well, you are not alone. I couldn’t tell you how many beautifully curated wedding inspiration feeds I follow on Instagram or how many hours I spend a week pinning wedding design ideas. Perhaps like me, you are a creative, visual person with an eye for design and you crave a way to use this in your day to day life? If the answer is a resounding YES then it might be time to consider a career change and become a Wedding Stylist.
This year I made the jump from a reasonably successful fashion career, to currently studying and planning the launch of my Wedding Design & Styling business. I’m also incredibly lucky that¬†whilst I make this exciting new career transition, I get to work for the Academy and thus immerse myself in the wedding world.
So what does a Wedding Stylist actually do? Find out from wedding inspiration leader, B.Loved blogger and pro stylist Louise Beukes..

Does this sound like your dream career? Well, we can help you get the training you will need to make this a reality. Our new Certificate in Wedding Styling has been designed to help you become an accredited Wedding Stylist in as little as 12 weeks:

We will show you how to take your inspiration and creativity and channel it into the design of a wedding.
You will learn how to take the briefest of ideas and turn it into a concept by using design tools such as mood boards, colour swatches, fabric samples and flower charts.
You will graduate knowing how to design a table from the bottom up and how to layout and structure each element on it.
We cover the production and logistics of styling a wedding so you can understand how to produce your wedding flawlessly.
Finally, you will be shown how to communicate your design to your clients and produce the perfect client proposal.

Is this all starting to sound exciting? Then you can find out more by reading up on the course which is currently available through our UK and Australian campuses. Want to chat to us further about the course and opportunities? Then you can contact our course consultants Zoe (UK) and Christine (AU), who will be more than happy to help.
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Become an Accredited Wedding Stylist in 12 Weeks

Help! I’m A Newly-Wed Addicted to Wedding Inspiration

Are you a newly-wed still pouring over wedding inspiration? ¬†Are you hiding your addiction from your spouse, friends, family, and work-mates (yes we know you are doing this whilst you should be working and as your partner sleeps beside you)? It’s OK, you are not alone. In fact, a growing number of our Students are just like you.
Why do Brides and Grooms want to be Wedding Planners?
I believe it has a lot to do with the shift away from cookie-cutter weddings, to personalised and unique celebrations of a couple’s story and style. ¬†As weddings become more bespoke, people like you are discovering a way to express their creativity, skills and experience in ways they never knew possible – planning and designing weddings.
Could I be a Wedding Planner?
If you loved planning (or styling) your own Wedding and find yourself missing it, becoming a Wedding Planner (or Wedding Stylist) is something you should at least consider.  Think about it, a Wedding is essentially a project, that you manage from start to finish; from concept development to building and managing a team (your suppliers and vendors) to handling all of the associated Admin (checklists, run-sheets, budgets, contracts), to executing it all on the day. The idea of doing all of that drives many couples crazy and that is why they hire a Wedding professional.  But if you are a Bride or Groom who thrived on juggling all of that with getting married, then chances are, you would make one hell of a Wedding Planner.
How do I become a Wedding Planner?
Planning your own wedding is a good way to gauge if you enjoy planning weddings, but it doesn’t make you a Wedding Planner. In many ways, as a Bride or Groom, you were¬†the ideal client; you love everything you suggest and even when you don’t, you are not offended. Planning someone else’s wedding takes a range of different skills and knowledge and that is where taking a course can really help. ¬†Becoming Accredited will also demonstrate to your future clients that you are a professional, not just a bride or groom who enjoyed planning their own wedding.
Talk to one of our Course Advisors about turning your passion for weddings into a career you love. Use the links below to book a Course Consultation with your local campus.

The post Help! I’m A Newly-Wed Addicted to Wedding Inspiration appeared first on Blog for Wedding Industry Professionals.
Help! I’m A Newly-Wed Addicted to Wedding Inspiration

Download A Free Action Plan For Changing Careers

In my role as an Academy Course Advisor, Tutor and Mentor, I have witnessed first-hand what works and what doesn‚Äôt, when it comes to changing careers and the simple truth is, it comes down to planning and action. I wish I could tell you I see a lot of ‘over-night’ success stories, but I really don’t. I see people taking baby steps, one after the other, until they reach their goal. Knowledge, time, patience,consistency, support, some creative thinking and a good sense of humour all help you to achieve a career change, but if you don’t have a plan of action in place for making it happen, in my experience, you are not giving yourself the best chance to succeed.
Based on my own experience and that of watching others succeed, I have identified 5 steps anyone can take to successfully change careers and put them together in an Ebook for you to download. The Action Plan is for everyone, whether you know what you want to do, but not how to get there, or you have no clue what you would love to do. But this is not simply a list¬†and of¬†course just¬†reading the steps won’t bring you success. ¬†You will need to do some work too. But you get to set the pace and we encourage you to take your time. Remember, baby steps, taken one after the other, brings you closer to your goals.
To start doing something you feel passionate about everyday, simply complete this form to receive your free Action Plan.

Download the Career Change Action Plan





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Download A Free Action Plan For Changing Careers

Pre Game Warm Up for Wedding Planners

If you read the Wedding Academy Global blog regularly and follow us on social media, you will know that I have an On the Day Coordination business called the I Do Crew. We operate nationally in Australia and if you know how big Australia is, you will know I couldn’t possibly do that on my own; in fact most of my Weddings are done by Wedding Planners who have been trained by the Academy and work with me. But I love a wedding. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t and lately I have signed myself up for a few ‘gigs’ and I have been having a blast. The benefit of this for the Academy is that I am also a Tutor and like our other Tutors, I believe in keeping my knowledge about what I teach current by doing, not just talking about doing.
One of the things that I have been reminded of as I have been having fun planning weddings, is that whilst a lot of preparation goes into the planning before the day, the day itself is where it all comes together and if you don’t have your A-Game on, on wedding day, you might just trip up at the plate. So here are 3 things I have been doing to ensure that when I ‘show up’ on Wedding Day, I am ready to put my best foot forward for my clients and keep it there for the long day and night ahead.

Prepare the day before
I spend the day before Wedding Day packing up everything I will need. I ensure I have hard copies of everything I will need for the day and that my electronic devices are charged up and ready to go and my run-sheet is accessible.  I check my emergency kit and ensure it is stocked and I do a final follow up with Vendors.  I also check in with my couple to make sure they are ready and relaxed and do the same with any staff working with me.  I dress smart casual for most of wedding day and change before the wedding, so as part of my preparation I pack my wedding clothes, along with a vanity bag, so I can freshen up as needed on the day.
I try to do this in the first half of the day before the wedding and if possible I actually pack my car so it is ready to go.  I do this regardless of what time I need to leave the next day and you will understand why further on in my tips.

Take the afternoon/evening before off
Ok this might sound like a luxury and I am not strictly being honest when I say I take the afternoon before off, but I do try to leave the wedding alone and spend some time doing anything other than wedding work. ¬†Wedding Day is intense and it will take a lot out of you and it’s likely that it has been a big part of what you have been thinking of in the weeks before too. If you are also Styling the wedding the days you are working may stretch across two, even three days (if you need to pack up too). ¬†The days are long and expectations of you high, so by anyone’s standards, you deserve to chill before you kick into high gear. If you can’t take an afternoon off, make sure you give the evening over to relaxing and trying not to think about the day/s ahead. ¬†I can’t tell you what a difference this makes to me come wedding day

Eat and pack a picnic
I learnt very early on in my event career that despite a growling stomach, it can be almost impossible to make time to eat. ¬†My tip is to have a good meal the night before and a hearty breakfast the day of, so that you are operating on a full stomach at least. ¬†I also find that I can’t rely on being able to duck off somewhere to buy a coffee, water, or bite to eat, so I now pack drinks and take a coffee with me. ¬†I also take food, but it tends to be snacks that I can eat on the run. I also make sure I drink plenty of water as there is nothing like the tension of wedding day and dehydration to give you one all mighty headache and that is not something you want when you have the pressure on you.
There are so many things you need to do to be successful on Wedding Day, but I hope my simple tips help you to hit the ground running and actually enjoy the day too.
Christine Ligthart is the Director of Education for the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, working from our Australian Campus.  She has been part of the team since the very beginning and is passionate about helping our students write their own story of success. Christine is also a serial creative entrepreneur; she is the Founder of Academy Work Experience Partner, The I Do Crew and Co-Founder of Styled Images. At home you will find her hanging out with her family and a menagerie animals, whilst pottering around her Farmhouse and listening to old records. Contact Chrsitine
The post Pre Game Warm Up for Wedding Planners appeared first on Blog for Wedding Industry Professionals.
Pre Game Warm Up for Wedding Planners


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